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Franklin County Data Center

The Infrastructure team works on the core of Franklin County's information technology efforts.  From user management to load-balanced application hosting, we are committed to getting the right information to the right


Database Administration

Computer applications generate a substantial amount of data, which must be stored, organized, and managed. Our Database Administrators work with database software to find ways to handle these requirements. They identify user needs, set up computer databases, and establish test systems. They ensure that systems perform as they should and add people to the system as needed. Data integrity, backup, and security are critical parts of managing your data.

Dedicated Hosting

The Data Center will host your agency-owned server in our environmentally controlled setting. We will perform routine maintenance, monitoring, and backup services as specified in a service level agreement.


  • Windows Servers The Data Center offers custom contract server support for applications running on Windows Server operating systems. This service provides complete server management, including installation and stabilization, monitoring, security, user management, and integration with the Franklin County Data Network.
  • IBM Server The Data Center offers IBM iSeries server support for applications that require a higher level of computing power. The advantages include:
  1. Simplification of the IT environment by reducing the number of servers and associated staffing requirements
  2. A complete, integrated system for your agency that offers a secure, reliable way to become an On-Demand Business
  3. An IBM server that is virus resistant by design, which eliminates downtime by avoiding multiple security patches throughout the year, as well as reducing concerns regarding County data security being compromised by encrypting data backups
  4. Support of your agency's Business Continuity Plan with High Availability Services
  • Virtual Servers Managed virtual servers are available to Franklin County agencies as an alternative to hosting and managing dedicated, physical server equipment. Virtualization technology allows multiple virtual servers to be hosted independently on a single physical server.
  1. Reduced hardware costs - provision of a new server without investing in new hardware
  2. Faster server deployment - the days of waiting for hardware to be purchased, then staged, then moved to production are virtually gone with VMware
  3. Workload adjustments - periodic increases in the workload can be easily managed
  4. Reduced environmental impact - promotes green initiatives by reducing power and space utilization
  5. High Availability (HA) - VMware HA eliminates single points of hardware failures by automatically relocating and restarting virtual machines


1. PC Support

Desktop standardized, fully managed end point computing environment. This service provides customers with an agency-centric approach using enterprise tools and standards to meet the customer's computing requirements.

2. Salvage Services

As with all equipment, there is a time for salvage. As part of our "End of Life" product oversight we offer disposal of dated equipment.


Network services encompass the software, hardware, and processes that protect the Franklin County IT infrastructure and the integrity of all data on the Franklin County Data Network, while providing monitoring access through network, intranet, internet, and VPN.


AppOps Toolchain

  • Code: overseeing agency's development efforts, reviewing code and encouraging best practices, designing a consistent set of coding standards and unit test policies for all agencies to follow
  • Build: continuous integration via TFS 2017 for agency rapid application development
  • Test: continuous testing tools that conduct automatic QA testing, providing quick feedback on business risks
  • Package: pre-development staging of repositories for customer testing
  • Release: instituting a change management process and release automation
  • Configure: "Infrastructure as Code" for environment configuration and management
  • Monitor: performance monitoring, web analytics via Google providing feedback on end-user experience

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Whether you are looking to store, organize, or manage data, our Database Administrators work with database software to find ways to handle these requirements.