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The Security Team is composed of three areas of focus that come together to ensure the security of those who live, work, or do business within Franklin county. Our primary responsibilities are to protect the confidentiality and preserve the integrity of the data that resides within the Data Center, ensuring it is available to the appropriate people at the right time.

Security Engineering and Technology

Is about creating resistant systems that remain dependable in the face of malice, error, or mischance. We focus on researching, designing, implementing, and testing complete systems that adapt to their ever-evolving environment. Out team utilizes advanced tools, processes, and methods to prevent and limit security failures before attacks even occur.


Security Operations Center

Is about the day-to-day operational side of security technologies. Preventing intrusions into our systems requires a well-equipped team that recognizes vulnerabilities before they become larger problems. Our team identifies these issues by monitoring, analyzing, and reviewing activity and permissions. We respond proactively by deploying filtering systems, malware and vulnerability protection, and patches that are constantly updated to match the threats they face.


Identity and Access Management

Is about providing a framework for the right people to access the right resources when needed and with accountability. This framework is centered on accountability, customized user access,  and least privilege access principles. We obtain identity assurance through single sign on, multi-factor authentication, and other current technologies. We are constantly progressing our capabilities to meet the changing threat landscape.


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