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Demand Management

The Franklin County Data Center will work with Agencies to research and predict the demand for services and the patterns of business activity related to that service.    Analyzing current IT demand against current capacity, anticipating future customer demands for IT services and providing a business services division that manages and analyzes IT service consumption.  This will allow for prioritization and a centralized demand management intake, allowing customers to request new projects and check the status of current projects.

Project governance

Developing and reviewing current IT governance processes and framework and identifying opportunities to expand or improve to the current environment.  Utilizing industry best practices and governance models within a Portfolio Management framework, from sources such as ITIL, to make recommendations to management of a project.

Portfolio Prioritization

Portfolio Management that focuses on business agility by providing top down and centralized transparency.  Allowing you to manage work demands by defining what criteria is most important to the business.  Allowing for better collaboration and alignment to the business's immediate goals and long term strategic plans.

Project Delivery

Ensuring portfolio management processes are consistently applied throughout the delivery life cycle while offering transparency to our stakeholders.  Providing end to end planning, management and delivery services.  Our mission is simple: We strive to deliver projects on time, within budget, with the highest possible quality.

 Business Analysis

Evaluation of strategic activities.  Identifying policies and procedures of an organization.  Incorporating business process modeling that allows for design and documentation of business processes.

Risk Issue Governance

A coordinated strategy for managing risks that have the ability to effect an organization's overall operational outcome.  Providing conformance to business operations, data retention and other business practices.

Change Control Oversight

Providing a framework for managing the effect of new business processes and modification of existing business processes that have a positive effect upon a project or within an organization.  Setting expectations and employing a common vision for change. 

Resource Management

Capacity planning and defining achievable goals that balance capacity and demand over a long-range strategy.  Working to identify capacity constraints and reallocating capacity to keep the important priorities on track.  Providing the ability to balance resources across both project and routine work responsibilities, while aligning resource plans to work performed.

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