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Customer Service

A core function of Business Services is to offer FCDC customers and partners exemplary customer service during face to face interactions, over the phone communications, or via email. Our goal is to be responsive and considerate to our customers' and partners' concerns.


Communication is the cornerstone of Business Services. The Business Service Team is responsible for providing transparent, consistent, and timely communications in the event of a degradation of service, outage, or change in a process.

Service Management

Utilizing the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Business Services is responsible for the management of services for quality management, infrastructure services, and IT security through the coordination and negotiation of Master Service Agreements between the FCDC and customer agencies.

Organizational Performance

Measuring organizational performance is essential to Business Services. A tool to gauge organizational performance is reporting. This mechanism allows customers to view and determine if service levels were appropriate during any given amount of time.

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