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Application Development Services

Do you need to automate a business process or provide an online government service that your customers are demanding? We provide Application Development Services that will design, build, and maintain your software solution.

The Data Center uses both the AGILE and traditional application development processes to design and develop your solution.

Our processes include:

Database Administration

Computer applications generate a substantial amount of data, which must be stored, organized, and managed. Our Database Administrators work with database software to find ways handle these requirements. They identify user needs, set up computer databases, and establish test systems. They ensure that systems perform as they should and add people to the system as needed. Data integrity, backup, and security are critical parts of managing your data.

Dedicated Hosting

The Data Center will host your agency-owned server in our environmentally controlled setting. We will perform routine maintenance, monitoring, and backup services as specified in a service level agreement.

Enterprise Software

The Data Center manages several business solutions; including SharePoint, Intellinetics and OnBase. More information on these solutions can be found here.

The Data Center manages several enterprise business solutions. They include the following offerings:

  • SharePoint - a web application platform developed by Microsoft® to manage intranet portals, document and file management, collaboration, social networks, extranets, websites, enterprise search, and business intelligence. This includes forms building and workflow capabilities, and is heavily integrated with the Microsoft® Office suite.
  • WebFOCUS - a product developed by Information Builders Inc. It is a comprehensive and fully integrated enterprise business intelligence system. The WebFOCUS architecture permeates every level of the organization-executive, analytical, and operational-and makes data available, accessible, and meaningful to every person or application that needs it, when and how they need it.
  • Intellinetics - an Enterprise Content Management System solution offered by the Data Center. Documents can be scanned and indexed at an Intellivue workstation or at Franklin County's Document Imaging Center. The scanned images are maintained on the Data Center's storage devices and accessible on both the Intranet and Internet.
  • OnBase - an Enterprise Content Management System solution offered by the Data Center. It provides an Enterprise Content Management infrastructure that digitizes records and utilizes workflow to increase business efficiencies.

IT Budgets

Advance planning sessions with the Data Center can help to identify your IT requirements as you consider what levels of support your agency will need in the upcoming budget year. IT budgets are reviewed by the Data Center in June of each year, after which they are submitted to the Office of Management and Budget for funding consideration.

Network Services

Network services encompass the software, hardware, and processes that protect the Franklin County IT infrastructure and the integrity of all data on the Franklin County Data Network, while providing monitoring access through network, intranet, internet, VPN, or dial-up connections.

Network services include Email, anti-virus, SPAM filtering, web filtering, software services, and encryption services.

Project Management Services

The Data Center provides end to end project planning, management and delivery services. Our mission is simple. We strive to deliver projects on time, within budget, with the highest possible quality. For more information, click here to see our Program Management Office.

Rental Program

The Data Center offers customers the opportunity to rent equipment and reserve training and/or conference space as needed (based on availability). A list and description of our services are listed here.


The Data Center has PCs available on loan to meet your short term needs. We can supply both laptops and iPads as well.

Digital Projectors and Screens

The Data Center has digital projectors available on loan to help you with your presentation.

Mobile Flat Panel TVs

The Data Center has three mobile flat panel TVs available within the Franklin County Courthouse to promote County events. We can develop specialized graphics and video for your agency as well. The flat panels can be displayed in your floor/area or in the Courthouse lobby.

Training Room

The Data Center Training Room is available for agency reservations. It offers 315 square feet of space with 13 networked PCs for students and 1 for the instructor. The room is equipped with an overhead projector, screen and whiteboard. The facility can be reserved in 4 hour increments.

Salvage Services

As with all equipment there is a time for salvage. As part of our "End of Life" product oversight we offer disposal of dated equipment. More in information can be found here.

Disposal of Old Equipment

The Data Center will remove your outdated equipment and prepare it for proper disposal as required by Franklin County guidelines.

PC Computer Salvage

The Data Center's computer salvage services include:

  • Breakdown of standard units into their individual components
  • Degaussing (removing all information) off of the hard drive
  • Obtaining disposal approval from the Franklin County Data Processing Board, including completion of all paperwork and administrative tasks related to salvage
  • Temporary storage before and after degaussing and Data Board approval
  • Packaging and palletizing of individual units for Public Facilities Management (PFM) acceptance
  • Coordination with PFM for final disposition of assets

Salvage (Miscellaneous - equipment other than computers)

Salvage can include standalone data processing peripherals and other non-data processing business equipment (calculators, cash registers, etc.). The Data Center's miscellaneous salvage services include all of the services listed under PC Computer Salvage except degaussing, which is not necessary for this type of equipment.


The Data Center offers various server support including Windows, IBM, and Virtual servers. To learn more click here.

Windows Servers

The Data Center offers custom contract server support for applications running on Windows Server operating systems. This service provides complete server management, including installation and stabilization, monitoring, security, user management, and integration with the Franklin County Data Network.

IBM Server

The Data Center offers IBM iSeries server support for applications that require a higher level of computing power. The advantages include:

  • Simplification of the IT environment by reducing the number of servers and associated staffing requirements
  • A complete, integrated system for your agency that offers a secure, reliable way to become an On-Demand Business
  • An IBM server that is virus resistant by design, which eliminates downtime by avoiding multiple security patches throughout the year, as well as reducing concerns regarding County data security being compromised by encrypting data backups
  • Support of your agency's Business Continuity Plan with High Availability Services

Virtual Servers

Managed virtual servers are available to Franklin County agencies as an alternative to hosting and managing dedicated, physical server equipment. Virtualization technology allows multiple virtual servers to be hosted independently on a single physical server.

  • Reduced hardware costs - provision of a new server without investing in new hardware)
  • Faster server deployment - the days of waiting for hardware to be purchased, then staged, then moved to production are virtually gone with VMware)
  • Workload adjustments - periodic increases in the workload can be easily managed)
  • Reduced environmental impact-promotes green initiatives by reducing power and space utilization
  • High Availability (HA) - VMware HA eliminates single points of hardware failures by automatically relocating and restarting virtual machines

Service Level Agreements

Each year the Data Center will meet with their agencies to reach a Service Level Agreement (SLA). An SLA sets the expectations between the agency and the Data Center and helps define the relationship between the two parties with regards to IT services. It is the cornerstone of how the Data Center sets and maintains commitments to the agencies of Franklin County. The SLA process typically begins in January of each year.

Software Licensing

The Data Center allows our clients to leverage various Microsoft® licenses as well as assist in acquiring other software and subscriptions. For complete details click here.

Office Suites

The Microsoft® Enterprise Agreement is a software volume licensing program that Franklin County has negotiated with Microsoft®. As a customer, you are able to license Microsoft® software to standardize with your choice of Microsoft® enterprise products (Microsoft® Office Professional, Microsoft Windows® Professional Desktop Operating System upgrade, and Core Client Access License) at discounted prices.

Server Software

The Microsoft® Enterprise Agreement covers the following types of server licenses:

  • Microsoft Windows® - Operating System Upgrade
  • Microsoft® Core Client Access License (CAL) bundle - for connecting to servers
  • Windows Client Access License
  • Exchange Client Access License
  • Systems Management Server Client Access License
  • SharePoint Portal Server Client Access License

Other Desktop and Server Specific Software

The Data Center can assist you with acquiring other software and subscriptions for your agency from Franklin County's list of approved vendors. See the listing of available products in our online procurement application.


Agencies that subscribe to the Microsoft® Enterprise Agreement can access the Microsoft® E-Learning Suite. Visit the Technology page on the Franklin County Intranet Portal for registration instructions (the link to this page is available under the "Education" heading on the portal).

Training webinars on desktop software topics are offered several times throughout the year. Watch the Portal for announcements.

Video Production Services

The Data Center is available to create video presentations that help you reach a variety of audiences. Ceremonies, press conferences, promotional activities and training classes are a few of the activities that we can videotape and enhance the visual and audio quality of through our production techniques. We also offer professional photographs that we take in our specially lighted media room.