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Managing for Results Programs

Business Services

The Business Services Program includes business planning, managing demand, monitoring cost consumption and performance transparency, and defining standard services. Program services include customer relationship management, research and development of emerging technology, service level management, and service request intake and analysis.

Delivery Services

The Delivery Services Program designs, develops, and deploys technology and procedures. Program objectives consist of constructing, configuring, testing, and deploying industry standard solutions. Program services include application design, development, and deployment; business analysis; project delivery; and release management.

Support Services

The Support Services Program monitors and maintains systems to ensure optimum availability and performance of the technology environment. Program services include computer operations, disaster recovery preparedness, incident management, and security and entitlement management.

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Program provides human resource management, financial management, reporting, and administrative support to ensure a professional, safe, and healthy environment while maintaining compliance with regulatory, legal, and governing bodies. Program services also include contract management and procurement.