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The Download - August 2015

Project Updates

Exchange Migration

By Raena Bell, Project Coordinator, Franklin County Data Center

The Exchange Migration project was initiated due to the Microsoft Exchange 2007 environment becoming outdated, with the resulting loss of support for the security functions necessary for a quick and efficient recovery. The upgraded Exchange 2013 platform will have high availability and disaster recovery (DR) from top to bottom, which aligns with indications from our partner agencies of the critical nature of email accessibility in the event of a disaster.

Although the migration does not impact the day-to-day operations of a county Outlook user, a few manual reconfigurations of the email location will need to be made to all mobile devices, as well as to the URL that accesses email on the internet. To ensure a smooth transition, the Data Center will provide a fact sheet and a user guide to assist with any changes that may be necessary due to the migration. The Data Center's service desk is trained and ready to help our agency partners with any issues that arise.

Currently, Data Center has completed the construction of a new Microsoft Exchange environment and has migrated 75% of Franklin County agencies successfully into the new Exchange 2013 environment, including one of the county's largest agencies: Franklin County Children Services. The project is expected to be completed by the end of August 2015.

We are working with each agency individually to test, migrate and triage as needed. If you would like more information regarding the Exchange 2013 migration, please feel free to contact FCDC Project Coordinator Raena Bell at Thank you for your continued cooperation as we progress with the migration.

Agency Communications

What's Going On?

By Shirley Stephens, Director, Business Services, Franklin County Data Center

As the Data Center continues to update our legacy infrastructure, we have several initiatives reaching a successful conclusion.

Retiring the WSUS server for our Windows patching process and implementing Lumension Patch and Remediation allows us to continue to deploy Windows O/S patches efficiently. Furthermore, using Lumension gives us additional protection and functionality with the ability to patch third party software such as Adobe and Java. We expect to have all agencies utilizing Lumension for their desktop PCs by the end of August and to have it implemented on all servers by the end of November. If you would like more information regarding the Lumension initiative, please feel free to contact FCDC Security Manager Doug Adams at

The initial implementation of two new enterprise solutions is targeted to occur before the end of this year. Four county agencies will be piloting a Mobile Device Management solution, AirWatch, by the end of September. If you would like to discuss the AirWatch initiative, feel free to contact FCDC Project Manager Nicole McKinney at Furthermore, the Data Center, Children Services and the Clerk of Courts office will be establishing their initial implementation of ServiceNow, an end-to-end management solution for IT services, in the coming months. This tool also can be leveraged for non-IT services like HR procedures, facilities management, and/or fiscal processes. If you would like more information on how the County will be utilizing ServiceNow, or are interested in scheduling a demo of the system, Nicole McKinney can assist you regarding this project as well.

IT Leadership Forum

August IT Leadership Forum

What comes to mind when you think of mobile strategy? In an increasingly mobile world, it is time for the public sector to plan, educate, and execute a sound mobile strategy to minimize future risks. The Franklin County IT Leadership Forum, which was held on Thursday, August 6, presented attendees with mobile enterprise strategies - focusing on possible mobile situations, challenges, and solutions. Experts from Dell and AirWatch discussed data security for mobile devices, as well as some limitations that may be experienced while implementing mobile workforce practices in the public sector.

The next IT Leadership Forum is scheduled for Thursday, October 15 at 2pm. The keynote speaker will be Guru Vasudeva, Nationwide SVP and CIO - Application & Data Services. Please contact Max Starner at with any questions, or to RSVP.

Tech Corner

Benefits and Risk Management ThriveOn Program

Watch the video below for information on how the Benefits and Risk Management ThriveOn program promotes health and wellness initiatives for Franklin County employees.

Agency Spotlight

The Franklin County Guardianship Service Board

By Jack Kullman, Director, Franklin County Guardianship Service Board

The Ohio Legislature, effective September 15, 2014, passed R.C. 2101.026 which, among other things, created a Franklin County Probate Court Mental Health Fund. Monies from the mental health fund are earmarked to provide services to help ensure the treatment of any person under the care of the Franklin County Boards of Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health and Department of Developmental Disabilities, or any other guardianship.

The statute also contemplates and authorizes the establishment of the Franklin County Guardianship Service Board which is administered by three (3) appointed Board members and a Director. Board members, Jane Higgins Marx, Larry James, and Frank New and the Director Jack Kullman are authorized to receive appointments from the Probate Court as guardian of the person and estate of qualifying wards. The genesis for the statute was the high percentage of wards in Franklin County with diagnoses of mental illness or developmental disability and increasing difficulty locating suitable guardians.

Through funding from the ADAMH and DD Boards, and other partners, the Guardianship Service Board will accept guardianships over court-appointed wards and manage care for these individuals. Board staff, located on the 11th Floor of 373 S. High St., will consist of public employees with a strong background in social work to ensure that the wards' needs are being met.