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The Download - April 2015


Question and Answer Session: Terri Bettinger and Sean Snyder

By Jade Overstreet, Data Center Administrative Assistant

The Data Center is excited to introduce two new members of our senior management team. In February, the Data Center brought aboard Sean Snyder as Director, Application Development, and Terri Bettinger as Chief Technology Officer. In order to welcome these individuals to the county, as well as to familiarize all of our agencies with their expertise, please enjoy a Q & A session with Sean and Terri.

Sean Snyder, Data Center Director, Application Development

What past experiences have prepared you for this position?

"My career in application development spans about 10 years. Within that time I have held a variety of positions that have prepared me for this role: production assurance specialist, programmer, project manager, program manager, application manager and application development manager. Each of these roles had key responsibilities that have helped me to grow, allowed me to grow others, and ultimately matured the organizations for which I worked. As a programmer, I had experience in many of the technologies we use at the Data Center. I have also had experience converting platforms – whether database, business intelligence or core business logic. I will be using my experiences to help mature the application development team into a roadmap that sets and executes the expectations of the agencies we serve and, ultimately, the residents of Franklin County."

What intrigued you about working at the Data Center, and ultimately for county government?

"I was intrigued about working for the Data Center by two factors: giving back to the local county community and driving a services roadmap we can leverage to build great applications. This is a wonderful opportunity where I believe I can influence positive change and make a difference with those with whom I work, as well as those for whom I work (my management and the residents of the county)."

What is the first goal you would like to achieve as Director, Application Development?

"I want to bring source control to our environment. It is fundamentally important to our ability to manage the applications roadmap, ensure transparency and manage team development practices. I will be working with the leadership team, as well as my staff, to ensure we are bringing in the right tools and practices when establishing source control for the Data Center."

What do you enjoy outside of work?

"I have a wonderful wife, Kelli, and two great kids, Kasee (girl) and Kyler (boy). They are my inspiration and where all of my time is dedicated outside of work. They are actively involved in extracurricular activities such as Choir, 4-H, Art, Application Development, Thespians and A/V clubs. We also enjoy playing video games as a family, primarily on Nintendo platforms."

Terri Bettinger, Data Center Chief Technology Officer

What past experiences have prepared you for this position?

"I possess 26 years of operations and IT delivery experience in a variety of roles that have helped me to understand the importance of every single role and function within a data center. Also, as a parent, a coach and a mentor, I realize how much I enjoy helping people to contribute and succeed in a team environment."

What intrigued you about working at the Data Center, and ultimately for county government?

"I am always interested in new learning prospects and experiences. I enjoy the opportunity to use my skills and experience to contribute directly to my local community. I am interested in bringing a lot of the lessons and best practices gained in the private sector to the public sector."

What is the first goal you would like to achieve as Chief Technology Officer?

"I would like to focus on enhancing the infrastructure performance, disaster recovery capabilities, and security protocols of our data center to best in-class capabilities."

What do you enjoy outside of work?

"I have a close circle of family and friends who are very important to me; they ground me, jazz music inspires me, and home renovation projects energize me."

Project Updates

ServiceNow and Mobile Device Management Projects

By Nicole McKinney, Data Center Project Manager

ServiceNow is a Service Management platform that will help in facilitating updated and streamlined accessibility to Data Center services. This platform will be implemented in phases, beginning with a new user interface/portal for incident submission, Incident Management, Asset Management, and Service Catalog. Subsequent phases will include features such as Problem Management, Resource and Capacity Management, Demand Management, Change Management, Release Management, and Project Management Portfolio. We are excited to partner with agencies throughout Franklin County in this venture.

AirWatch is a mobile device management software that is being implemented by the Franklin County Data Center in cooperation with selected pilot agencies. Over the years, technology has increasingly become less attached to the desktop and more mobile than ever. Therefore, a need has been identified to protect county data on mobile devices; AirWatch mobile device management offers this protection. The software allows for the segregation, protection, and remote wipe of any county data on mobile devices that are lost or stolen.

If you would like more information on either of these projects, please contact Nicole McKinney at

Agency Spotlight

Auditor's Office Weights and Measures Department

Join us for the April Agency Spotlight as we learn about the Auditor's Office Weights and Measures Department.

IT Leadership Forum

March Franklin County IT Leadership Forum

By Max Starner, Data Center Client Executive Manager

The March Franklin County IT Leadership Forum theme was "Disaster Recovery - Are you ready?" Xenia Palus, Director of Communications for the Clerk of Courts, was the guest facilitator.

Terry J. Brown, Franklin County Recorder, kicked off the session with some brief remarks about disaster recovery (DR) efforts in the Recorder's Office. He referenced a fire that occurred in the Recorder's Office in the 1870s, which resulted in a number of records being destroyed. Recorder Brown also outlined measures he has implemented in the Recorder’s Office to facilitate business continuity in the event of a disaster. His office has the capability to create microfilm and microfiche, which has a 150-year shelf life. The office is able to convert images from film or fiche to any current digital formats as well.

Terri Bettinger was introduced as the Data Center’s new Chief Technology Officer. Ms. Bettinger discussed how business continuity and disaster recovery work together. She commented that the Data Center is investing in DR strategies to ensure availability of data, but agencies also need to address continuity of business in the event of a disaster. The biggest hurdles to a Business Continuity Plan are cost, time, refreshing, and practice "fire drills." She recommended that agencies learn from one another and share resources where applicable.

Jeff Ely, Data Center Solution Architect from Netech Corporation, presented a high-level overview of the county’s DR network design, which focuses on the following:

  • High availability, reliability, stability, and flexibility;
  • Elimination of single points for failure;
  • WAN and internet redundancy;
  • Ability to fail-over within and across data centers;
  • Reduction in size of failure domains;
  • Standardized infrastructure platforms; and
  • Ease of management.

Terri Bettinger provided a status on Franklin County’s connectivity to WeConnect, as well as the Network Redundancy Project. The final fiber connections will be completed in the near future. Ms. Bettinger proceeded to describe the capability that will be available at WeConnect. She then facilitated a roundtable discussion consisting of: Ishreth Sameem, Data Center CIO; Adam Luckhaupt, Board of Commissioner’s CIO; Michael Pifher, Common Pleas Court - General Division Director of IT; Mark Ludwig, Data Center Infrastructure Manager; and Jeff Ely, Netech Data Center Solution Architect. Mr. Sameem presented some history of the DR process over the past 3 years and thanked Mr. Luckhaupt and Mr. Pifher for their continued help and support in bringing the DR plan to reality. The panel discussed what would be supported in the first phase at WeConnect and provided insight on the next phase.

Shirley Stephens, Data Center Director of Business Services, delivered updates on the scheduled April 11 outage, the Exchange upgrade, the web re-architecture project, and Service Now. The scheduled outage is estimated to last three hours and is necessary in order to complete the network redundancy project. Ms. Stephens urged agencies to review an e-mail she sent earlier in the day regarding what applications would be affected and asked agencies to contact her with any issues. The Exchange 2013 project is making headway, but one agency’s mail server still has to be upgraded from 2003 to 2007 before the project can continue to move forward. The web re-architecture is 15% complete and has an August target date for completion. A kickoff meeting has been held for Service Now, and the Data Center is working on the contract and funding. A Kaizen event will likely take place in April as well.

Jason Sankey, Clerk of Courts CIO, was the final speaker. He invited the group to attend the next forum on May 8 in the Data Center Auditorium, which will be held in conjunction with the OCITA (Ohio City/County Technology Association) Spring Conference. Agencies can attend the entire program on May 8, which is scheduled to run from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The keynote speaker will be from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and he will discuss Cyber Security and SSA. An IT Vendor Expo will be held after the forum and conference at 369 South High Street in Meeting Room 1 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. The Data Center’s agency partners were encouraged to join OCITA as well, as it presents many collaboration opportunities with other government entities. One person can join for $25, or four individuals can join for $50.