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The Download - July 2014

Tech Corner

2015 Budget Planning

Financial Services Manager Julie Lust and Program Management Office leader Jason Sankey discuss the exciting new approach the Data Center is taking to ensure that Franklin County agency IT needs are fully addressed in the 2015 budget. Watch the video

Project Updates

Where Are We from a Project Delivery Perspective?

We have officially entered into the 3rd Quarter of 2014. This is the period in which the project delivery team prepares for final 2014 planning, as well as determines remaining implementations for the year. In some circumstances, we will need work with our partner agencies to decide what requests we unfortunately will not be able to deliver this year; that is always a difficult message to impart. On a positive note, we are approaching 2015 in an exciting new way to ensure expectations are met in the coming year. Please refer to our new newsletter video series, Tech Corner, for more information.

Several countywide highlights for this year are as follows:

  • Implementation of 57 projects requested by Franklin County agencies
  • Windows XP migration
  • SQL Reporting Services implementation
  • Network security Phase I implementation and Phase II business case
  • Network redundancy and reliability: 75% complete
  • Finalization of the Disaster Recovery business case

Countywide projects recently undertaken or scheduled to commence this quarter include:

  • Migration to SharePoint 2013
  • OnBase Enterprise Solution
  • Full migration to WeConnect Data Center
  • Implementation of complete disaster recovery needs
  • Web environment re-architecture
  • Exchange 2013 upgrade
  • Note: 54 countywide projects are currently in progress

The Program Management Office is committed to meeting the needs of our partner agencies, and we are eager to continue to plan our 2014-2015 project portfolio.

Agency Communications


The Franklin County IT Leadership Forum has put together a group to research, discuss, and make recommendations regarding the Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement (MSELA) and other Microsoft products. The group has discussed the pros, cons, risks and cost of continuing the current MSELA contract, as well as sampled Microsoft 365. It should have a recommendation to present to the IT Leadership Forum and Office of Management and Budget within the next few weeks.

WebFocus Status

We have implemented SQL Reporting Services and are working internally within the Data Center to migrate our WebFocus reports in order to determine a baseline level of effort for our agencies. We plan to begin the migration this year; however, we have yet to determine an agency migration schedule. We anticipate the migration of reports will carry over into the 1st quarter of 2015.

That being said, please include this as a budget item in your IT plan and we will work to determine level of effort as we review 2015 budgets. If we include it in the budget as a planned project and it is approved, we will work with the Board of Commissioners to secure the necessary resources to support this and all planned/approved 2015 efforts.

Internet Slowness Update

The Data Center has diligently continued to resolve the internet slowness issue. We have made great strides recently in reducing our agencies’ poor internet performance. We continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments as necessary. We are confident that we are close to the final resolution and we appreciate everyone’s support and patience throughout this process.

Please continue to report any internet issues to CSC at 614.525.DATA (3282) or Your feedback has proven to be very beneficial in assisting us with resolving the issue.