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The Download - December 2015

Project Updates

2015 Project Review

By Eric Lauterbach, Senior Project Manager, Franklin County Data Center

As we near the end of 2015, I would like to offer an overview of the vital projects delivered by the Data Center during the year. Overall, the Data Center completed 55 project requests in 2015. The latest project success is the recent rollout of an enhanced Court Forms application, which enables e-Filing of critical court documents.

A snapshot of other key projects completed in 2015 includes:

  • The network redundancy and reliability project, which strengthened the county’s infrastructure and improved business continuity by providing failover services to the disaster recovery site
  • Enhancements to numerous existing applications and websites, many of which were required to meet legal or governmental mandates
  • 2015 Primary and General Election support
  • Critical updates to the Sheriff’s Jail Slating System
  • An important upgrade to the County’s Microsoft Exchange platform
  • Completion of phase 1 of the OnBase document management application for the Child Support Enforcement Agency
  • Support for new federal certified mailing requirements that affected multiple agencies

It is just as important to remember the critical projects that are still underway, including:

  • Multi-agency efforts on an enhanced service delivery system using ServiceNow
  • The restructuring of the county’s web environment to ensure reliability, security, and ease of maintenance
  • The modernization of the Franklin County Justice System case management tool
  • Phase 2 of the OnBase document management application for the Child Support Enforcement Agency
  • Efforts to remove Windows 2003 and other legacy applications from the Franklin County Data Network

The Data Center will continue to deliver project value to our partner agencies in 2016 while continuing to provide production support and maintain operational activities. As the upcoming year brings new opportunities and demands, we are eager to meeting those challenges and do our part to ensure the success of Franklin County.

Did You Know...

Trends of the Digital Era: A 2015 Review

By Max Starner, Client Executive Manager, Franklin County Data Center

Back in February, "Trends of the Digital Era" were highlighted in the Data Center newsletter. Many of the items discussed 10 months ago have advanced or have been adopted. These include:

Net Neutrality: Early this year, a heated debate ensued regarding efforts to steer the future direction of the guidelines that influence internet traffic. In late February, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved new net neutrality rules. As a result of these initiatives, internet service providers must act in the "public interest" when providing a mobile connection to your home or phone.

Big Data: The conflict between anonymity and availability of information continues; recently, the United States government complained that terrorist groups are using our privacy laws against us. They claim the availability of service provider records without a subpoena would help to track and apprehend terrorists before they strike.

Broadcast Spectrum: The concept that we need our devices to provide us with more information continues. To address these trends, the FCC has responded by offering a mid-band spectrum incentive auction that concluded in late January 2015. A FCC incentive low-bank spectrum auction is scheduled for early 2016. (Source)

Paying Less, Receiving More, and Having Constant Availability: Networks continue to be built to provide the constant connectivity that we demand. Broadband is coming to rural and remote areas as corporate giants battle to deliver the services.

2015 also brought us the year of the drones, or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). In October, Ryan Smith of the Ohio Department of Transportation spoke to the Franklin County IT Leadership Forum audience about the UAV industry in Ohio and how our state is offering an array of resources and variety of test ranges to support research, development, and testing for business, government, and academia for this new technology.

Looking forward to 2016, will security advances bring about the elimination of passwords? We look forward to the emergence of new and exciting IT trends with the new year.

Tech Corner

Data Center 2015 Year in Review

Watch below for a video retrospective of the Data Center's 2015 year in review.

Agency Communications

Slide and Video Request Form

By Max Starner, Client Executive Manager, Franklin County Data Center

The Data Center is announcing a new way for agency personnel to request County Portal slides or to make a request for a video production. Requestors can go to the portal, go to the Service Tools menu in the right column navigation, and open the “Slide/Video Request Form”. From here they are able to enter all pertinent information for a slide or video request. When the form is submitted, it will go to the Data Center Customer Service Center, where it will be assigned to development resources. The form improves the efficiency of the process by reducing the need for additional email and phone calls to obtain exact information. Check it out!