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Cultivating Culture

Posted by Jessica Wilkins-Bibbs, Director, Human Resources

As the Franklin County Data Center embarked on a revamping of the business components, it was critical to revisit culture during the strategic planning process. With a closer look into where we were versus where we wanted to be and how we'd get there, the senior management team determined that we needed to realign ourselves with our Vision and Mission. We recognized the challenges with which we were faced and adopted a more collaborative approach to executing solutions, enlisting the input and support from staff and partnering agencies alike. This strategy was applied both internally and externally and has resulted in more favorable attitudes toward change, increased support of the organizational goals, better allocation of resources, and a push toward more progressive thinking.

The organizational culture of the Franklin County Data Center is one of collaboration, encouragement, and innovation. We have committed to remaining a technical service leader, focusing on continuous improvement and best practices to provide superior customer service to the constituents of Franklin County. Furthermore, we invest in our employees to ensure that we fulfill those commitments. Whether through professional development activities, including various training opportunities and certification paths, or work-life balance initiatives, such as flex scheduling and compressed work week, it's vital that our most important assets - our team members - feel valued.