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Message from the CIO

Posted by Terri Bettinger, CIO

As a core technology service leader in Franklin County, the Data Center is committed to designing and implementing valuable, cost-effective IT solutions for the agencies that we serve and the county in whole. When developing our strategic goals, the concepts of collaboration and optimization were the key tenets of the planning process. As the Data Center continues to refine our service offerings and enhance our business model, we are dedicated to an initiative we call Blur the Lines: providing centralized technology standards and services in order to secure the county’s data, optimize the county’s IT return on investment, while allowing agencies to focus on their core mission.

By providing centralized IT tools and services, the Data Center is able to meet the technology needs of Franklin County agencies with secure, efficient and timely solutions. We are undertaking a number of key initiatives to augment this strategy, including: network domain consolidations and enhanced infrastructure capabilities; promotion of a mobile, paperless workforce through the design and implementation of mobile solutions; leveraging the collective IT knowledge of Franklin County agencies through the collaborative IT Leadership Forums; consolidation of enterprise licensing solutions to recognize cost savings and enable common solutions to more agencies; and enhanced modernity of county websites through professional redesign initiatives.

We are driven to remain current within the constantly evolving IT domain and to seek new opportunities to serve Franklin County government and its constituents. The Data Center is excited to increase our collaborative efforts with our agency partners to ensure that we continue to provide high quality, cost-effective tools and services that enhance the government business model and ultimately benefit the citizens and businesses of Franklin County.