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Electronic W2s

The Franklin County Auditor's Office is responsible for maintaining Franklin County employee payroll information, as well as the issuance of direct deposit advices and W2s. Given the number of Franklin County employees and the volume of paperwork, printing hard copies had been a costly undertaking. Staff also had to factor into their duties the time spent on handling and distribution of payroll paperwork. If the Auditor's Office were to migrate its direct deposit and W2 records to electronic format, maintaining security of employee information and providing appropriate access would be critical considerations.

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Unclaimed Funds

The Franklin County Auditor's Office is responsible for holding payments and wages related to a number of transactions within the county. Searching for unclaimed funds online in the original system that the Auditor's Office utilized had limitations, which could hinder members of the public from locating the funds to which they were entitled. Moreover, it is critical for Auditor's Office staff to be able to track payouts and maintain an accurate listing of available funds as well. Ultimately, the Auditor's Office needed an improved system that could allow for more detailed searching and additional tracking abilities.

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Cost Bill Module

The Franklin County Clerk of Courts Office of Fiscal Services (OFS) is responsible for managing all fees relating to the sale of foreclosed homes in Franklin County. In the late 1990s, a Windows-based financials application was built that included a component to create a billing estimate, so that the plaintiff in foreclosure situations (typically the lending institution) could assess the appropriate fees associated to the sale of the home. At this time, the database connectivity from Windows applications to mid-range servers had yet to reach an acceptable level of maturity. For this billing function to be successful, it needed to be able to pull case information from the Franklin County Justice System (FCJS), as well as post information back to the FCJS case management system (CMS).

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Fiscal Bank Reconciliation

The Franklin County Clerk of Courts Office of Fiscal Services (OFS) is responsible for issuing up to 3,000 checks per month from funds held within several bank accounts. The checks serve as payments for various cases, such as domestic, civil, or adult probation, relating to court fees, restitution for crime victims, and other causes. Under the former fiscal bank reconciliation reporting system, the banks in which these unclaimed funds were held would provide hard copy statements to the Clerk of Courts' OFS. These statements listed checks that were not reconciled. Upon receiving this information, the Deputy Clerks would input monthly data regarding these non-reconciled checks into an Excel spreadsheet. In order to publish these aged non-reconciled checks to the unclaimed funds system, office clerks manually matched payee and address information to the check numbers within their bookkeeping system. The Clerk's OFS staff was concerned with maintaining updated, well-organized financial records given the high volume of work relating to reconciling checks. Additionally, office staff would manually construct lists of outstanding checks - a task that was both laborious and time consuming.

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