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Team Dynamics

Application Development Team

Enterprise Solutions Team

The Enterprise Solutions Team, consisting of four members, operates under the Application Development Division. Our team lead is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate - Server 2000, and the majority of our members are certified OnBase Administrators. We are proficient in such technologies as OnBase, Intellivue, SQL Server Reporting Services, and Webfocus. A large part of our work is dedicated to finding Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions for our agency partners. ECM consists of the strategies, methods, and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes.

We use ECM tools and strategies to allow management of an organization's unstructured information, wherever that information exists. The Enterprise Solutions Team also supports SQL Server Reporting Services and Integration Services, as well as SQL Server administration. Furthermore, we utilize Webfocus to deliver reports. As one team member has stated, "I really enjoy being able to walk into an agency and observe their business processes and be able to automate those for them. There is always an opportunity to solve fun and challenging problems. We're always working together, always collaborating and always designing new and better processes."

iSeries Team

The iSeries Team, comprised of seven members, operates within the Application Development Division. We maintain a number of county agency applications, including Dog Licensing, Fiscal Payroll, and Personal Property. We are actively involved in supporting the Franklin County Justice System (FCJS), the e-Filing initiative, and the Probate Court Case Management System (CMS).

Duties of our team members also include architecting software modules, writing and modifying business logic, assembling Structured Query Language statements for data manipulation and retrieval, creating and modifying database schemes, and diagnosing program and system breakdowns. We utilize our extensive skill sets and experience to manage all COBOL and CICS systems on the iSeries as well. Our technical proficiencies include such languages and platforms as COBOL, Java, JSP, SQL, CICS, Visual Basic, and Command Language.

Our team members enjoy developing unique solutions that benefit our agency partners. As one of our application developers has remarked, "I like the challenge of building a solution which meets a customer's need. It is especially gratifying when the customer clearly expresses their satisfaction with the results of our labor." Another member comments, "What I like most about my job is completing a task that satisfies a need for a customer."

Mid Range Team

The Mid Range Team of the Application Development Division consists of three members who are responsible for developing and maintaining new and existing computer applications. Duties of our team members include architecting software modules, writing and modifying business logic, assembling Structured Query Language statements for data manipulation and retrieval, creating and modifying database schemes, and diagnosing program and system breakdowns. Team members are well versed in such languages and platforms as Microsoft SQL, COBOL, Java and Java Script, CSS, Visual Basic, and Command Language. The Mid Range Team utilizes its extensive skill sets and knowledge base to provide support for various county agency projects, including the e-Filing initiative and the Probate Court Case Management System (CMS).

Our team members enjoy creating unique solutions that benefit our agency partners. As one of our application developers has remarked, "I like the challenge of building a solution which meets a customer's need. It is especially gratifying when the customer clearly expresses their satisfaction with the results of our labor." Another member comments, "What I like most about my job is completing a task that satisfies a need for a customer."

Web Team

The Web Team, which operates under the Application Development Division, is comprised of six members. Our responsibilities include estimation and analysis, application design, mock-up creation, and workflow definition. We are also actively involved in the creation and maintenance of dynamic applications for the web. In addition, the Web Team manages online content, creates efficiencies in the agencies' business logic, produces vector graphics, and is involved in database maintenance. Our team members are well versed in a number of languages and platforms, including HTML, ColdFusion, CSS, SQL/MySQL, jQuery, Java Script, and Flash.

Our team members enjoy working together to develop innovative solutions to customer requests. As one member has commented, "I love working with the web team-their willingness and enthusiasm to be creative, productive, and helpful in finding a solution to every programming puzzle."

Computer Systems Services Team

IBM i Power Server Team

Our iSeries Team, operating within the Computer Systems Services Division, is a two-member group. We are responsible for maintaining the IBM Power Server hardware that runs on the IBM i Operating System and Control Language. The 64-bit object oriented technology that is built into the IBM Power Server continues to be the envy of systems administrators due to its highly regarded up-time and ability to react to multiple workloads. Ultimately, the IBM Power Server technology is responsible for providing core computing services to Franklin County agencies. Furthermore, our team maintains a similarly configured server in a remote location, as well as manages replication software to store a second copy of customer applications and database files there.

Our team has a combined 35 years of experience administering IBM iSeries technology. As one of our members has stated, "I enjoy the challenge of supporting so many technological facets of this complex server and it gives me great satisfaction to provide exceptional customer support by efficiently resolving issues, whether those be database, networking, web enablement or operating system issues."

Network Team

The Network Team, consisting of three members, operates within the Computer Systems Services Division. Our mission is to provide safe and secure network services for Franklin County agencies. We are vigilant regarding network threat identification and isolation.

Our members' certifications include CCNA, CCNP, CCDP, MCP, MCSA, A+, and Server +. Our responsibilities include the installation, configuration, and management of both the network firewall and the Cisco hardware network. We are involved in client VPN and site-to-site VPN configuration as well. Furthermore, we are skilled in troubleshooting network-related PC and server problems, configuring Power over Ethernet (POE) and Quality of Service (QOS) Voice over IP (VoIP) connections, and overseeing cable and wire management and clean-up of closets.

Our team members are well versed in Cisco hardware, including catalyst switches, routers, wireless access points and bridges, and ASA VPN and security devices. We also are proficient in Cisco IOS/CATOS programming. Our team handles checkpoint firewall/VPN/SPLAT/GAIA installation and administration. In addition, the Network Team deals with fiber and copper cabling termination and testing with Fluke/Owl meters. We are involved with web development and administration as well.

The Network Team appreciates the opportunity to find creative solutions to the challenges of maintaining the county network. Our team leader states, "I enjoy my job and the dynamic, challenging environment of the network here at the county. Finding and fixing problems before anyone notices a problem, and implementing new technologies to improve the network, or make administration more comprehensive and efficient, are what give me the most satisfaction."

Security Team

The Security Team is a three member group that operates under the Computer Systems Services Division. Our team lead is a Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) Certified Forensics Examiner. Our responsibilities include user administration and access for the county's computing platforms and most applications.

There are a host of malicious intruders that we deal with every day. The threats range from viruses, worms, and hoaxes to attempts to steal information. We combat these threats by deploying and managing web site filtering, anti-virus protection, and encryption software. Our team is proficient in all platforms of Microsoft Windows Security, as well as Active Directory, Group Policy, and iSeries security administration.

Our goal is to safeguard county information and provide a consistent and safe user experience for employees.

Server Team

The Server Team, operating under the Computer Systems Services Division, is comprised of four members. Our team lead is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in A+ Hardware. Team responsibilities include installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting Windows platforms, the SharePoint Infrastructure, and the Microsoft Exchange Email Server. We also research, recommend, and implement new technical solutions for challenges faced by county agencies. Our skilled team members provide technical support for a wide variety of vendor and custom applications as well. In addition, we offer support for mobile devices, assist with network printers, and provide third-level desktop support for end users.

The Server Team specializes in handling problems that no one else can solve. Our wide range of technical skills allows us to think outside the box and provide solutions to challenges facing our users. In the words of one team member, "I like my job here at the Data Center because I get to be behind the scenes, to ensure users throughout the county have computer systems running the way they expect them to. Making sure the data they need is available, when they need it."

Customer Support Team

Service Desk Team

The Data Center Service Desk, consisting of eight members, operates under the Customer Service Division. Various members are certified in CompTIA A+ and Network+. We are responsible for inbound technical support, remote support connection, on-site desktop support, and diagnostic support. Other functions include imaging of PCs and laptops, computer equipment assessment, and installation of software, hardware, and peripherals.

Furthermore, our team handles the creation and management of incident reporting. We oversee project deployment and installation in addition to providing salvage pick-up and disposal. Moreover, our team offers loaner laptops, as well as laptops and projectors for conference rooms. Team members are proficient in a number of programs, including Windows 98, XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010. We are well-versed in Symantec Ghost Solution Suite, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Real Studio IDE, and Lansweeper.

Our team members take pride in our work, and enjoy the challenges that go along with providing customer service support to the agencies of Franklin County. As one member has stated, "I work with a team of very dedicated and talented individuals that take great pride in finding the correct solution for any problem that they are presented with." Another has remarked, "There is a sense of satisfaction when I am able to use my creativeness to figure out a challenging issue and being able to learn new things to gain experience in the IT field."

Ultimately, the Data Center Customer Service division is instrumental in providing support to our customers with skill and efficiency.

Computer Operations Team

The Data Center's Computer Operations Team staffs our Computer Room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This team of five dedicated individuals keeps the iSeries server and the Xerox DocPrint laser printers operational, along with a variety of important production applications, including the Franklin County Justice System (FCJS), Sheriff's Jail Management System, JFS Day Care Application, and Franklin County Dog Licensing Application. We print forms and reports for a number of agencies, such as the Clerk of Court's Certified Mailers, FCJS reports, various checks, and dog licenses. We also provide backup for the Clerk of Court's e-Filing print output.

Monday through Friday from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m., as well as on weekends, the Computer Operations Team monitors the Customer Support Service Desk in order to assist our customers with password resets, establish trouble tickets, and send alerts to Data Center Support Staff about service interruptions. Other duties include:

The Computer Operations Team has many years of experience supporting systems in large scale environments. Our team is highly reliable and regularly achieves good attendance, which contributes greatly to keeping the work flowing and the Computer Room operating smoothly. We are proud of our efforts and understand how important it is to do our job well in order to meet customer expectations and provide exceptional service delivery. As one team member has remarked, "I am a leader that takes pride in my work and I encourage others to follow my example."

Mobile Technology Team

The Data Center's New Technology team supports requests from end users on a wide range of mobile device platforms. We assist our customers by analyzing usage trends of devices in order to provide an ongoing support strategy to enhance business processes.

Mobile Device Security is an important issue, and we are responsible for developing strategy, policies, and procedures that will safeguard our customer's data.

In addition, we maintain a good understanding of current and future mobile device platforms (such as phones and tablets). It is our job to understand and articulate mobile Operating System (OS) roadmaps in order to drive key enterprise requirements. We do this by conducting market research, testing newly released devices in a lab environment, and maintaining strong vendor relationships.

Video/ Photography Team

The Data Center's Video Production Team utilizes Apple® hardware and Adobe® Creative Cloud software to capture and edit videos that have been shot with HD cameras and professional lighting. We apply various video editing techniques and processes (post-production techniques currently used on today's television and movie edit bays), which include image and color correction, as well as the generation of custom 3D Graphics for use in titles, logos, introductions, and movie graphics.

All of our videos can be filmed and edited using blue or green screen technology. This allows us the ability to compose a shot of someone in one place and then cleanly edit that individual into another scene completely-all done with the professional flair that the software we utilize provides. Such tools as Adobe® Premiere®, PhotoShop®, Illustrator®, After Effects®, Audition®, and SpeedGrade® give our videos that polished, professional look while maintaining the flexibility for us to produce content for big screen high definition (HD) monitors, the web, DVDs, or broadcast TV.

The Data Center's photography services are a perfect complement to our Video Services. Our attention to lighting, background, and detail enables us to obtain superior results in any situation. Whether we are capturing employee portraits, documenting public meetings or events, or photographing buildings, our primary goal is to achieve high quality results that meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

As our videographer states, "I love having the ability to make others look and sound good on camera or in photos... the interaction with people and seeing the customer's reaction when I give them a bit more than they asked for. By collaborating with other creative and technical people to create a superior product I get to use my video post-production experience directly within the Data Center. I love being a 'positive advertisement' for the Data Center and County in general."

Financial Services Team

The Financial Services Team, consisting of four members, provides a wide range of fiscal and planning services to the Data Center and its agency customers. This includes financial and cost accounting services, planning and budgeting, and custody and control of IT assets. Management responsibilities include: cost allocation and service rate development; customer charge-backs; accounts receivable/payable; and purchasing.

This division also is responsible for productivity measurement and financial reporting. Additionally, the Financial Services Team manages the Fiscal Document-Imaging System, which contains documents ranging in content from strategic planning and concepts to purchasing, payment, and annual reporting. Our staff of four works well together to deliver these essential services. One of our team members has shared, "I get the most satisfaction out of my job by knowing that I work with the greatest manager/team and that we all work well and hard together to satisfy our customers. At the end of each day it's a job well done."

Human Resources Team

The Franklin County Data Center Human Resources team, consisting of three members, is instrumental in ensuring that staff needs are met expeditiously. From the systemic on-boarding process to recruitment and training, our HR department has a crucial role in upholding the Data Center's mission and values. While creating a warm, inviting atmosphere, HR provides wide-range support to all employees, including compliance leadership, performance management, recognition initiatives, and payroll processing.

Additionally, the HR team organizes the training function, allowing Data Center staff to supplement their skill sets through continuing education opportunities. This responsibility is crucial in supporting the county-wide IT training initiatives that the Data Center has sponsored.

This dedicated team enthusiastically commits to providing a high level of service to the most valuable assets: the employees. One goal of Human Resources is to achieve overall job satisfaction within the Data Center while fostering a fun, positive work environment. As one team member has commented, "The HR Division is a caring, friendly and responsive team. We love helping and being a part of the daily lives of the Data Center staff."

Project Delivery Team

The project planning and delivery team provides the necessary governance and standards to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, and with the highest possible standards. Most organizations deliver projects, but what we are finding is that project management processes must be implemented consistently across the organization. Why? In order to reduce risk, create efficiencies, and implement projects on time, while keeping within budget. We have incorporated a framework around project delivery by implementing common processes and standards that are consistently delivered to ensure a project's success.

Although the PMO concept is relatively new to Franklin County, we are confident in our ability to deliver. The team is comprised of Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Business Analysts, and Quality Assurance Specialists. This team works closely with our clients, customer service, application development, and members of the senior management to ensure that the proper oversight, due diligence, and standards govern delivery of our projects.

Our team is committed to servicing our clients and stakeholders by delivering high quality projects on time and within budget!