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Strategic Plan

The Data Center Strategic Business Plan highlights our agency objectives, programs, and strategic issues, and provides an outline for how we will achieve our aims. It includes the Data Center mission and vision statements as well. Our mission statement emphasizes our purpose and function within the county, while the vision statement represents the goals toward which we strive and the value we have as an agency.


The Franklin County Data Center is the essential technical service leader enabling partner agencies to provide innovative and highly efficient services to citizens of Franklin County.


The Franklin County Data Center partners with County agencies to deliver cost efficient business solutions and provide superior customer service by focusing on continuous improvement and best practices driven by integrity, teamwork, and innovation.

2016 Strategic Business Plan


Over the past two years, the Franklin County Data Center has dedicated significant time and energy analyzing and assessing existing systems, processes, and staff to determine performance levels and ensure that we are delivering business value to our partner agencies. As a result of these efforts, we have identified several areas for improvement and are working to refine our methodologies and resources to confirm that county IT services will satisfy the evolving needs of the Data Center and its customers.

To better align with functional business processes and project delivery, the Data Center has amended its Managing for Results Programs as well. This reformulation of our business structure takes solutions from request to delivery to ongoing maintenance, and also includes administrative support services. The new Managing for Results organizational structure will better enable the Data Center to function in a manner that focuses on continuous improvement and best practices driven by integrity, teamwork, and innovation. As such, the Data Center business framework is now comprised of the following programs: Business Services, Delivery Services, Support Services, and Administrative Services.

Ultimately, it is our intention to revolutionize the way in which IT projects and processes are developed and implemented within Franklin County government in order to ensure that we are delivering high-quality, reliable services to our partner agencies.

Read the Data Center's 2016 Strategic Business Plan here.