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The Franklin County Data Center annually prepares its operating budget as a performance budget, which is linked to program outcomes that align with county goals. This methodology, known as "Budgeting for Policy Results and Outcomes" (BPRO), identifies key indicators of success, measures goals, and refines strategies to obtain those goals. The Data Center, as an internal services provider, works closely with our client agencies to understand their business goals and re-engineer processes, utilizing IT equipment to facilitate and automate procedure.

This collaboration directly affects the Data Center's budget request as we strive to support our customers and provide business value of information technology (BVIT). Finally, the ever-changing and advancing status of technology directly affects the Data Center budget as well. Newer, more efficient, and less energy reliant technology allows for effective management and operation of servers, storage, and networking devices at less cost. The annual budget appropriations for the Data Center are truly an investment in the efficient and successful operation of county business.

2016 Budget and 2015 Operations Report