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The Franklin County Data Center is a centralized information technology resource dedicated to serving over forty offices, agencies, and departments in Franklin County, Ohio. We are administered by the Franklin County Auditor and operate under the authority of the Automatic Data Processing Board. The establishment, governance, and responsibilities of the Data Center are outlined in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC), Sections 307.84 through 307.846. The Data Center is responsible for acquiring, maintaining, and coordinating the use of IT equipment, software, and services throughout the Franklin County government agencies. We offer such services as centralized and distributed computing, regular data backups, protected data storage, and customer IT support.

The Data Center emphasizes the value of information technology within Franklin County government through the principles of IT governance, which ensures an effective framework for the implementation of IT equipment and services. We also offer the efficient execution of enterprise solutions and a solid IT infrastructure for Franklin County. The Data Center promotes collaboration between the various county agencies, helping them to improve IT service delivery to the people of Franklin County through cooperation and information sharing.

We welcome you to browse our website to learn more about us. It is important to understand the added value the services of the Data Center bring to the many agencies, offices, and boards that serve the citizens of Franklin County.